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The own religion is an important thing Seafarer take on board their ship. It helps to deal with problems and cope with difficulties. But the possibilities are limited to live the faith. Church services can not be visited like at home and there are not many people to talk to.

 German Seamens Mission intends to be a church among the seafarers. She provides:

  • personel counselling
  • Chapels, rooms of silence in the seamens club “Welcome” and in “Seemannsheim”
  • Church services and prayers, also on board
  • Bibles for free in plenty languages

German Seamens Mission is connected with the evangelical – lutheran church of Germany. We work together in partnership with other christian denominations.   We are part of the worldwide network ICMA (International Christian Maritime Association) www.icma.as

Port chaplain Werner Gerke works on behalf of the evangelical lutheran church for the German Seamens Mission Bremerhaven. For contact you find him here:

Schifferstr. 51 – 55
27568 Bremerhaven

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